Online Practice with Strong Hands

Best eBridge Strong Hands

This Guide shows how to bid strong hands that conform to Audrey Grant (AG) and Best eBridge (BeB) bidding systems. You may practice such bidding at BeB. Most bids in this Guide would be the same whether made from AG’s Bridge at a Glance or BeB’s principles. The one exception is Opener’s HCP for a 1st Bid (“Opens Strong”). You may receive a 1-month free BeB membership by registering with this link:

Opener’s 1st Bid

  • Opens Strong: Opener (O) is strong. O may open their hands as a balanced 2NT=20-21 HCP nf with any number of Playing Tricks (PT); a semi-balanced 2C=22+ HCP f with any number of PT; or an unbalanced 2C=18+ HCP with 9-10PT f. These are AG’s point ranges. Where different, BeB ranges are 2NT=20-22 HCP; 2C-2NT=23-24 HCP. A 2Club Opener will correct to 2M with a 5cM; 2NT with 22-24 HCP and no 5cM; 3m with a 6cm; or 3NT with 25-27 HCP. Hands 1, 14.
  • 1M: O is too weak for 2C (less than 18 HCP) yet too strong for a 4M preempt (8cM w/ LT 10HCP). O with a long major in the bidding range between a preempt and a 2C will open with 1M. Hand 11.
  • 1m: O opens 1m with hope for a 4cM fit. R will show their major. A higher opening would encourage R to bid 3NT, taking up too much bidding space to find any GF. In the examples, O has 19-21 HCP. Hands 10, 12, 13, 58.
  • TOX: O could open 2C but Opp bids first. O with a choice of ≥ 2 good suits will make a takeout double. This is not a normal X that promises all unbid suits, as O has the strength to bid again if R picks the wrong suit. Hand 49.

Responder’s 1st Bid

  • 1st Neg.: After O bids 2C, R w/ 0-7 HCP must bid 2D Waiting. R has no choice. R could also bid 2D with more points, if these points are concentrated in an unbiddable short suit. Hand 2.
  • Suit: With 8+ HCP & ≥ 5c, R must respond positively to a 2C opening. R will bid cheaply whenever holding a nonrunnable suit. Holding a long suit with at most one loser, R will jump in the suit. Hands 15, 61.
  • NT: With 8-10 HCP, no 5cM suit, R must respond 2NT to a 2C opening. Hand 21.

Opener’s 2nd Bid

  • NT: R has bid either 2D Waiting, a suit that O has only 2c support, or NT. O has a balanced hand, so describes their points. To hear more from R, O bids 2NT w/ 23-24 HCP, 3NT w/ 25-26 HCP. If R has limited their points with a NT response, then O can set the contract at 6NT with a balanced, combined 33-36 HCP; or at 7NT with a balanced, combined 37-40 HCP. Hands 3,16, 22, 28.
  • Minors: After R responds from 2D to 2NT, O shows a very strong 6cm suit by bidding 3m f. Hand 5.
  • Majors: After 2D (0-7 HCP), O bids a 6c+ Major. If O has some slam interest, O bids 2M f. If O insists that the suit be trumps, then O bids 3M f. If O considers slam unlikely, O bids 4M. After a 3M insistence on trumps, R with slam interest will cuebid. Hands 7, 31, 32, 62.
  • Cuebid of Controls: R has bid 2M, showing 5c+ and 8HCP+. O has support and strength for reaching 6M. Partnership needs nothing but controls. O shows support with 3M. R will cuebid. Hand 26.
  • Least Bad: O opens 2C. R bids 2D. O has neither a 5cM nor a NT distribution, may have a 5cm. O should bid the cheapest NT, hoping R will bid Stayman. Hands 33, 36.
  • Double: Opp opened and O doubled. R bids cheaply, showing 0-8 HCP. Assume R has bid O’s worse suit. A bid by O of a new suit would show 17-21 HCP. A sequence of X-cuebid-suit would show an equivalent of a 2C opener. If O has a 2C equivalent, then O cuebids now and will show the new suit at the next bid. Hands 50, 55
  • Interference by RHO: R responds 2D and RHO bids. O has no stoppers in RHO’s suit, no 5cM. Since 2C is forcing for two rounds, pass. R will bid again. Hand 52.
  • Cuebid as TOX: O opened 2C, LHO overcalled, and R passed. Cuebid is forcing on R to bid a better major (even a 2cM). Hand 64.

Responder’s 2nd Bid

  • Pass: O may have jumped to game, or raised in NT. R with liabilities such as 4-3-3-3 shape, 0-4 HCP, and inadequate entries may pass. Hand 38.
  • 2nd Neg: With 0-4 HCP, R bails out w/ the cheapest of 3C, 3D, or 3NT. With 5-7 HCP and no 5cM, R bails out w/ 2NT. Hands 18, 67.
  • NT: If O bids notrumps, R may start Stayman or JTB. Strong hand declares, weak hand transfers. If O has a 6c suit, a good fit could be as little as 2c w/ 2h. Hands 4, 30, 66.
  • O’s Majors: O bids 2M. If R has a fit of ≥3 PVP w/ 3c+ and no slam interest, R bids 4M. If R has slam interest, 3c+ fit, and 6-7 HCP, R bids 3M. Count 2c w/ 2h as a good fit. O may bid RKC after hearing slam interest. Hands 9, 24, 25, 44.
  • R’s Majors: O shows no support for R’s major. With a 6cM and slam interest, R rebids 3M. O w 2c+ support will bid RKC. With a 6cM and no slam interest, R raises to 4M. Hand 17.
  • O’s Minors: O bids 3m f. If R has a 3c+ fit and a 5cM, R begins by bidding the 5cM. Hand 6.
  • R’s Minors: R has an unbalanced hand such as PVP=8HCP+(2LP or 3DP), 1-3-6-3. R’s first bid showed ≥ 5cm. O did not support, instead bidding another suit. R now rebids the minor to show a 6cm. Hand 46.
  • Cuebid of Controls: O has supported R’s major, or R likes O’s most recent major. R does not raise the suit, rather confirms by cuebiding their cheapest AKsv. Assuming O has the gap controls, then O cuebids cheaply up the ladder. Neither partner should cuebid past the exit point of 4M. Missing a gap control, or not having a higher control, a partner will bail in 4M game. With all controls confirmed, a partner will bid RKC. Hands 27, 43, 45, 63.
  • 4NT Quant: O is balanced. R has 5-7 HCP, NT distribution. R bids 4NT Quantitative to invite O to slam. With 25 HCP, O would pass. With more, O would leap to 6NT. Hand 29.
  • Reverse: O reverses, showing 5m-4M and 18+ HCP. R has 5-7 HCP. R shows 4c+ support for one of the bid suits by raising it cheaply. With support for neither bid suit but all other suits, R bids NT cheaply. Note that this is a reverse because as a jump bid it forces a response at the 3-level. Hands 35, 48.
  • Interference: Even with as little as 3HCP, R should bid a 5c+ suit despite interference. O will bid game if the suit is a major, perhaps 3NT if a minor. With a 4cM, R should Neg.X. O will bid 4M with 4c+ support. Hands 53, 54
  • Cuebid as TOX: After a TOX cuebid, R should report their better major. If R prefers Clubs, R can raise a 2C opening. If R has stoppers in Opps’ suit, R can X. With neither clubs nor stoppers, R must prefer one of the majors. Hand 65.

Opener’s 3rd Bid

  • Pass: The bid is at game and O has nothing more to tell or ask. Pass.
  • O’s Old Major: R started with 2D (0-7 HCP). R would raise O’s major to 4M with 0-4 HCP, but instead bid 3M (5-7 HCP, top of range). O is missing some control cards. O bids 4NT Blackwood. Hand 8.
  • O’s New Suit: R shows 0-4 HCP with a 2nd Neg or 0-7 HCP with a suit bid. O can make a 1-round force by bidding a new 4c suit at the 3-level. Later, R will show support, bid a new 5c suit, or bid a cheap NT. If R never supports O, instead bids 3NT negative, then O can bid 4m, showing 5C-5D distribution. R will show preference for O’s suits. If R cuebids, that is preference for O’s last bid. Hands 19, 23, 34, 39, 67, 69, 70.
  • R’s New Suit: After a 2C opening, R bid 1st neg and 2nd neg. O tried another suit at the 3-level. A new suit at the 3-level by O is 1-round forcing. R responded with either a 5cM or a NT. If O has 3c support for R’s weak major, O will 4M, otherwise 3NT. Hand 68.
  • X-Cue-Suit: O must bid a suit to complete the sequence. The bid could be as high as 4M with a 6c suit. Hand 51.
  • X-NT: O shows points with sequences such as DBL+1NT=19-20HCP; DBL+2NT=21-22HCP; DBL+Cue+2NT=23-24HCP. Hand 56.

Responder’s Last Bids

  • Pass: The bid is at game and R has nothing more to tell or ask. R may be 4-3-3-3. Pass. Hands 37, 57.
  • Game Force: O makes a forcing bid, such as a new suit or a cuebid. R should treat a Q as equal to 1-2 Playing Tricks when picking a suit. If R is 5-5 in the majors and has shown the higher, now show the lower. If suit has been chosen, R bails at 4M, its weakest bid. If O has started cuebidding, R reports their controls or bails at the cheapest game. O might bid RKC, but will end no higher than 5M. Hands 20, 40, 41, 42, 47, 59.
  • Josephine: After cuebids, O has bid 5NT Josephine, asking for trump honors. R reports the number of trump honors. Hand 60.

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